Habo Monoester P90

Our flagship product, redefining the way oil-soluble materials are transformed into water-soluble alternatives


Habo Monoester P90 is a sucrose monoester based on palmitic acid. It is the most water-soluble emulsifier commercially available in the world. The raw materials used for its synthesis include vegetable-based fatty acid and non-GMO natural sugar.


P90 contains more than 90% pure sucrose monopalmitate and has an HLB of 18. Owing to its unprecedented purity and high HLB, P90 exhibits superior solubilisation properties, thus is required in only a minute amount in beverages. It rapidly covers the micelles’ surface, preventing coalescence as the micelles exit the homogeniser.


Key Benefits of Habo Monoester P90 (Sucrose monopalmitate C28H52O12)

  • Lowers interfacial tension between the oil and aqueous phases
  • Tasteless and odourless white powder
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • FEMA and GRAS-approved and Halal and Kosher-certified
  • Considered as a processing aid, no label claim is required for its applications



The appeal of P90 lies in its ability to solubilise a wide range of oil-based materials such as flavours, colours and nutraceuticals in water-based foods such as beverages


P90 provides a better, more straightforward solution to oil solubilisation in food and beverage products, keeping the oil components and their functional properties intact. It has a shelf life of 24 months and is packaged in 500 gram heat-sealed metalized bags or 10 kg carton boxes with a heat-sealed polyethylene liner.

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