Our Vision and Mission


Compass Foods will be increasingly recognized as the company who successfully develops the best solutions to transform oil-soluble components into effective water-soluble alternatives.  Our pioneering efforts, which led to the landmark innovation of Habo Monester P90 and our innovative technology known as SoluClear™, will continue with new products and new technologies that address the challenges faced by the food and beverage industry.


Through organic growth and strategic partnerships, Compass Foods will lead the emulsion technology sector as the initiator and provider of the most effective alternatives to traditional and cumbersome methods of creating clearer and more stable food, beverage and nutraceutical products. Compass will accomplish this through an ongoing commitment to advancing and expanding the benefits of SoluClear™ technology and by innovating new emulsion technology solutions.



Compass Foods is committed to being the foremost expert in solubilization technology for processed beverages. Based on a foundation of emulsion expertise, Compass Foods will assist food and beverage companies by delivering technical solutions for the development of products that exceed consumers’ expectations.


Compass Foods will continue to refine the company’s offerings, including its flagship technology, SoluClear™, and its flagship product, Habo Monoester P90, through dedication, hard work and a ongoing effort to master emulsion technology.


The goal of our team of emulsion experts is to assist food, beverage and nutraceutical manufacturers in their product development efforts and to anticipate ongoing emulsion challenges they must overcome in improved and new product development.

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